How to Squad Stream on Twitch

How to Squad Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform that allows gamers to stream their activity and let their fans watch them in real-time. Their primary focus is video games, but the service also hosts streams that appeal to a broader audience, such as music performances, tutorials on crafts and DIY, talk shows, and cooking demonstrations. Besides, there is a Real Life section where people can live stream different aspects of their everyday life.

The platform offers users a lot of interesting features, including Twitch squad streaming, a feature that allows 4 streamers to combine their streams into one window. It’s a relatively new feature, so in this article, you’ll find tips on how to squad stream on Twitch.

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Squad Streaming Twitch: How to Use This Feature

As we have already mentioned, squad streaming Twitch allows several Twitch streamers who are in different locations to stream on a single screen. It helps streamers grow their communities by teaming up with other creators and offers them increased exposure. 


So how can you actually do that? First, you have to set up for Twitch squad streaming on your computer or mobile platform. Keep in mind that you can only squad stream with Twitch users who are your friends, people you follow, or you all are members of the same Twitch team.

One streamer can start the squad and then invite others to join them and combine Twitch streams. Then viewers will be able to watch all streamers in one window and get more angles on the action.

But you should also note that currently, the feature has only been made available to Twitch Partners due to concerns about video quality.

How to Host a Squad Stream

So if you have a Partner status on Twitch, how to squad stream? It’s easy. You should just follow these steps.

  • Sign in to your Twitch account;
  • Click on your icon in the top right-hand corner and choose the Creator Dashboard in the drop-down menu;
  • Open your Stream Manager, click the Quick Action panel, and find Squad Stream;
  • You’ll see the My Squad tab. Click Add Channel and type the name of the channel to send an invite;
  • When streamers have accepted your invitations, click on the Start Squad Stream button.

You can invite up to 3 streamers, and it’s important to make sure that all channels are live before you send them invitations. As a squad leader, you will be able to exclude other members if you need. If you decide to leave during the squad stream, you should inform your viewers about it because they will remain in the squad mode after that. If you finish your Twitch group stream earlier than other streamers, the new leader is the first person who joined you.

If you want to watch your favorite streamer and their friends in Twitch squad mode, you can enable it by clicking on the Watch in Squad Mode button.

Is It Possible to Add Friends on Twitch?

Millions of users from all over the world log into Twitch every month; that’s why this platform is a perfect place to meet other people and interact with them online. Besides, you can also make friends with someone who has similar interests with you through chat, social media, or by playing games with others.

Wondering how to friend someone on Twitch? It’s easy with Twitch a friend feature. It allows you to add friends on Twitch, chat with them, remove them, and appear offline to other users. For example, you can search for friends in the search bar and send them a request by clicking on Add Friend.

Users can also join together in a team to show that they are a part of the same community. So how to create a team on Twitch? Creating a team is a big responsibility, so this option is only available to Partners, but other streamers can join any group if they are invited. To create a team, you’ll need to send a request on the platform’s Contact Support page and wait until it is approved by Twitch staff.

Twitch team streaming can be a valuable experience that will help you grow, but it’s important to find people who share similar interests and have the same values.

We hope that our article with tips on how to use the squad stream feature was useful to you and you learned something new.

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