Screenshot on Mac is not Working: Fixing the Problem

When you need to make a screen shot on Mac, nothing can be easier because there are several ways to do it, and usually, it’s fast and simple. However, some users complain they have got a problem with this issue. If you are also of those people who are trying to solve the “screenshot on Mac not working” problem, this article will help you to find a good decision and forget about the trouble.

How to Screenshot on Mac Successfully?

You may need to take a screenshot of your device for various goals: maybe you just need to save some article to read it later, or want to share your screenshot with someone during the online studying, or something else. There are several ways of how to take a screenshot on Mac:

  1. To screen a captured screen, you should use three keys Command+Shift+4 at the same time, then hold the Space button and click on the mouse.
  2. To get a screenshot of the entire screen of your device, use the Command+Shift+3 key combination. You may wonder: “Where is my screenshot Mac I just did?”, and calm down, it’s saved automatically on your desktop.
  3. The next tip is for those people who need advice on how to crop a screenshot on a Mac. You have to use the key combination from the first tip (Command+Shift+4), and then drag the cross across the area you need to capture.
  4. Sometimes, you may need to screenshot a dropdown menu of your device. Open the menu, press Command+Shift+4, and then drag the cross to the menu. Then press Space, and take a screenshot.

These are simple ways on how to screenshot on Mac without problems. If something goes wrong and you cannot print screen Mac using these methods, then please read the next paragraph where we have some hints on fixing the problem.

How to Fix Problems with Screenshots on the Mac?

If you’ve got any problems with how to paste screenshots on Mac, we suggest trying several methods below that may be helpful.

  1. Check the settings of the keyboard shortcut. On your Mac, these settings are activated by default but you could choose them and forget about that. Go to the menu and then in system preferences, and tap on the “Screenshots” option. Check out if all the options are active there.
  2. Restart the computer. Sometimes, some apps and programs don’t work properly until you restart your OS. So, simply hold the button “Power” and select “Restart”. The system will be restarted in a few minutes, and the question “how to turn on screenshot Mac?” will be resolved successfully.
  3. Use the Grab application. This utility is created to take screenshots without problems. Just go to Applications and tap Utilities, and there you should look for the “Grab” app. Then simply click “Capture” and take a screenshot. For those people who still worry about the question “Where are screenshots saved on Mac?”, we want to notice you can find those files on the desktop.
  4. Use Preview for taking screenshots. With this utility, you can open and edit images on your device. Apart from this, the app can be used for capturing screenshots. Just go to the “File” menu, and then choose the “Take Screenshot”.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to make screenshots without any difficulties on your Mac. Keep reading our blog articles to find useful online marketing tools for your business. We always have fresh advice and interesting topics, starting from AWeber vs MailChimp comparison and ending with Buzzsprout review to find the best solutions for your own ideas!

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