Thinkific VS Teachable

Thinkific VS Teachable: a Detailed Comparison

Nowadays, online courses have become quite popular among people. It is quite simple to learn anything without attending real classes when you sit at the computer just when you’ve got a wish and enough free time for learning.

Many bloggers and businessmen start their own courses to get more customers and improve their sales. There are tons of various platforms for this, and sometimes people feel lost about which one to select. Some people can be so confused that they never even begin this issue. In our article, we will provide readers with a comparison of Teachable VS Thinkific. These are two popular platforms to create interesting courses for studying online. Read our article to understand all the important moments and discover the similarities and differences between 2 various platforms.

Important Benefits of Courses Online

Before we start to analyze Teachable VS Thinkific, let’s understand the most important benefits of courses online. Needless to say, online studying is our future. If you’re searching for a wonderful opportunity to improve businesses and earn big money, increase sales, and bring your company on the newest level, online courses are helpful in this!

Get the most effective benefits from making various courses:

  • Make a company and a brand well-known and trustworthy for clients
  • Increase sales and your team’s effectiveness
  • Automate some processes inside your company
  • Train a group without problems
  • Get passive income non-stop

We have chosen two well-known online platforms to compare. Keep discovering to know the details about Thinkific VS Teachable detailed analysis!

Thinkific or Teachable: A Battle of Two

We will analyze two popular and powerful platforms that serve to create successfully and sell your customers various online courses. Cannot decide what to select – Thinkfic or Teachable? Discover the detailed analysis and select the best one following your requirements and expectations.

We will compare these 2 platforms on the next 3 points below:

Prices and plans

Prices and Plans

We decided to begin from the price because it’s a quite important moment in selecting a suitable and effective platform. For example, you cannot select a platform at a high price for small businesses. Let’s discover prices for 2 platforms below.

As for Thinkfic prices, it gives you four options to select:

  • Free option. It gives users 3 courses, some main features, various surveys, an unlimited number of students, and some quizzes.
  • Basic option. Pay $39 monthly, and get all the benefits from the previous option plus drip content, an unlimited number of courses, communication with students via email, various coupons, enrollment, and custom domains.
  • Pro option. It costs $79 monthly and you get the benefits from the Basic option plus 2 admins for your site, 5-course admins, private courses, memberships, advanced pricing, hidden courses, and customization.
  • Premier. It’s the most expensive option. You have to pay $399 monthly. It includes the features from the Pro option plus 5 admin accounts, 50 course admins, and the access to the Thinkific growth package.

And learn the options provided to clients by Teachable:

  • Teachable free plan. Here you receive a huge number of Teachable free courses plus up to 10 students to study. Plus, you pay $1 for each course (a sum is mentioned without transaction and processing fees). With the free option, you get only basic benefits (forums, integrated payments, quizzes).
  • Basic option. For $29 per month you get good training on course making, various coupons, custom domains, email marketing, and 2 accounts for admins.
  • Professional option. It costs $99 monthly (with fees). This option includes everything from the previous one, plus 5 accounts for admins, advanced reports and customization, more various quizzes, and also certificates.
  • Business option. It costs $249 monthly and includes everything from the professional option. Apart from this, you will receive 100 admins, a support group, bulk enrollments, and manual importing for the students.

If we compare these prices, Teachable plans seem better than Thinkfic. It means that it will be acceptable for people with a small budget. But we want to discover other important parameters to understand their similarities and differences.

User-friendly design

Both these platforms look clear and easy even for newbies to start. It’s not difficult to make a site for courses and change its look, style, items, or fonts without problems. No matter if you’re a newbie or a very experienced designer, select any of these powerful platforms.

Teachable has incredible sales pages templates. In general, it provides you with a base template for a future site. It’s possible to change your site’s design by adding new images, creating a new logo, and playing with colors.

As for Thinkfic, it has a marvelous library of wonderful templates to take your sites to the new level. Find a needed template just to fit your courses perfectly, no matter if you want to sell yoga or blogging courses. Just search for the needed theme, and select from a bunch of excellent templates! The library is really huge, and it’s being updated constantly. Every user can select a perfect template for their needs!

Customer Support Group

As for Thinkfic, it has resources, a special help center, and a blog. Visit a training website to see Thinkfic course examples and buy online courses for making a website to sell various courses. Please be informed this option is quite expensive. If you want to contact a help center, you have only one option to send them an email.

Teachable offers a blog for users and a knowledge base where users may find a good solution to their problems. Send an email if you need to ask experts for help.

In fact, Thinkfic seems to provide better resources to provide clients with help but in general, both platforms have solid customer support groups.

So, a question is – Teachable or Thinkfic? Both platforms provide great features for courses. If you cannot afford the high price and are searching for a quality landing page, it’s better to select Teachable. If you’re looking for integration plus you want to select from wonderful templates, check some Thinkific examples to create your own website easily.

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