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WebinarJam VS Zoom Comparison

Are you searching for a reliable webinar software tool but have no idea what to choose? Take a look at our detailed comparison of the two best webinar platforms! In this article, we are going to compare WebinarJam VS Zoom and find similarities and differences between these platforms. Read the article, see the pros and cons, and select the most suitable platform for yourself!

At the start, we suggest defining the purpose of making webinars. Needless to say, any kind of webinar has to give something to its attendees. Most webinars are live but sometimes they may be automated. Please answer the next questions to define your main needs:

  • Are you going to sell some products/services online?
  • Do you want to create webinars to make virtual meetings with clients?
  • Are you going to make webinars to provide training?

When you’re making an online webinar, tons of people can watch it without presenting in the same room as you. That’s why live streaming is a very important parameter. Some platforms are very focused on live streaming and modern technology, but they don’t understand and remember all the business needs when people want to sell various services or products online using webinars. WebinarJam and Zoom are platforms to provide webinars but they cover different needs in business. Keep reading our detailed comparison to understand which platform is most suitable for you.

Zoom and WebinarJam Review

We’re going to make a comparison between zoom vs webinarjam on the 7 points below:

  1. Setting up. When you use Zoom, its setup looks like a 1-page form. It’s quite simple and you don’t have to go deep into various options. As for WebinarJam, it has many great options that allow the user to do advanced settings. In other words, you can spend less time setting up a meeting in Zoom but the benefit of WebinarJam options is worth wasting more time for setting up.
  2. Registration. It’s quite easy and fast for attendees to register on the webinar. They need to provide full names, email addresses, and then pass the checking that they’re real people. If you compare WebinarJam VS Zoom, on this platform, it’s possible to select from various templates. WebinarJam allows using your website as a page to register. People who registered will be easily welcomed into the meeting without stress.
  3. Webinar attendance. When you want to attend a meeting on the Zoom platform, it’s necessary to install it on a laptop or a computer. For some people who try to use this software, it may be a bit difficult. But if we compare WebinarJam VS Zoom, the first platform doesn’t need installing anything. You just get the URL and attend the meeting without problems. On this step, many people may think that WebinarJam is the best choice but we want to inform you about some users who have experienced technical troubles with this platform. Sometimes it’s difficult for attendees to connect to the video/audio on this software.
  4. Audio/video quality. With Zoom, you can make live meetings of great quality. When you record webinars on the computer, needless to say, that the quality improves. You don’t need to worry that bandwidth can impact your webinar recording. The audio does not have to be compressed so its quality stays on the high level. If you look at the WebinarJam review, users say they cannot get great quality of audio/video due to compressing. Of course, if you are searching for a platform with the best recording options, Zoom is a leader here.
  5. Analytics features. If you see Zoom webinar reviews, it gives poor features for analysis in marketing. With this software, you can see how long your attendees stayed on the webinar but you cannot do anything with it. We have compared Zoom VS WebinarJam and realized the last one has more options for analytics. With it, you can see how many attendees have visited your site and count the number of sales that were made from these visits.
  6. Integration features. According to Zoom webinar features, this tool can be easily integrated through Zapier with other webinar platforms. For example, you can integrate Zoom with Acuity Scheduling, and every important meeting will be marked in your calendar. You just have to find the link on your calendar and make a click to go directly to the meeting room. This is quite simple and useful! As for WebinarJam, it can be easily integrated with various platforms through Drip or Zapier. WebinarJam provides users with more features for integration.
  7. Price. How much does WebinarJam cost and what’s about Zoom webinar pricing? If you see WebinarJam pricing, this platform costs around $500 per year (a bit more than $41 per month), and includes an unlimited number of people to attend meetings. The price for Zoom is $40 per month for up to 100 people to attend. Plus, you must pay $15 more to use this platform. As you can see, both platforms cost almost the same. The difference is only in the attendees’ number. If you are going to make webinars with a high number of attendees, of course, Zoom is the better decision.

As you can see from our detailed comparison, both Zoom and WebinarJam have some similar and different features. You need to choose the platform following your needs. For example, if the video and audio quality is your main priorities, you can select Zoom. And if you need more features, including analytics for marketing, we suggest purchasing WebinarJam. Zoom is good for those people who need to set up meetings, while WebinarJam is for marketing. When you need people to listen to various webinars, discuss something with others, make meetings, and get some useful information, hurry up to choose Zoom. When you need to sell a product or service online to people, the best choice for you is WebinarJam, without any doubt.

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