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Work from Home Jobs That Are Best for 2021

In the past, working from home was a dream for many people, but now, there are a lot of work from home jobs that need talented workers. Due to coronavirus pandemics, many companies allow their employees to work from home online. In fact, working from home has become a new normal for diverse industries. There are lots of opportunities that allow you to work from virtually any location.

You can also use your previous work experience and skills to find a work from home job as a freelancer. And if you have time or skills to manage 2 or 3 jobs at once, you can turn this opportunity into a small business, even offering employment for others on your website.

Whether that’s working remotely for a company full-time or part-time or starting your own business, there are a lot of online jobs that offer good opportunities to earn money. Here are the best home-based jobs that come with flexible schedules and offer more possibilities for better work-life balance.

Work from Home Entry Level Jobs

If you have never worked from home before, it’s not easy to find no experience remote jobs as most companies do require prior experience. A good idea is to start out with some independent contractor jobs work from home. Many companies hire independent contractors because that saves them money on taxes and benefits, such as paid vacations, sick leaves, and medical insurance. If you are interested in freelancer jobs, you can check out our article Upwork vs. Fiverr, where we compare two popular outsourcing platforms.

Here are the best ideas of work from home entry-level jobs.

Virtual Assistant

If you are an organized person with strong communication skills and can easily handle a lot of daily tasks, it’s a perfect job for you. Today, many businesses go online, and virtual assistants are always on demand. Your duties will be replying to emails, entering data, managing social media, arranging meetings and travel plans, creating business documents and presentation materials, doing data entry and bookkeeping, etc.

Online Researcher

Many companies that need information on a specific subject often hire internet researchers who work from home. This job is for you if you have high computer skills and know very well how to use search engines to find data for different projects in industry publications and scholarly research. You don’t have to be an expert on the topics of your research, but you need strong data analysis skills to interpret the information you find.

Graphic or Web Designer

Lots of businesses need someone who can design their logos, visual ads, mobile apps, or websites. So if you have certification in this field, it’s a great career opportunity that allows you to work from home. Learning graphic design is not hard, although it takes some time to constantly improve your skills. But it is worth it because the more skilled you are, the more clients you can get through a word of mouth.

Social Media Manager

If you have a degree in communications or marketing, this is a totally viable online career path. Lots of businesses of all sizes always need someone to manage their social media accounts and engage with their customers. Oftentimes, they also need someone who can help them create a social media strategy.

Website Tester

This job is unlikely to bring you a lot of money, but it’s a good option for a beginner because it doesn’t require any specific expertise. Your job will be to use and navigate the business website and provide feedback on their functionality and appeal. Website testing sessions typically last for 10 to 30 minutes and can give you some extra money.

Popular Part-Time Work from Home Job Titles

Modern technologies have made it a possibility for professionals in different industries to work from home part-time or even full-time, with today’s remote positions meaning you can do almost anything at home that you can do in the office. There are some easy, stress-free remote jobs that allow working part-time, but they can also become your full-time jobs.

Customer Support Agent

Customer service representative may be an ideal position for everyone who is looking for part-time work from home and wants a flexibility to work at different times during a week. Your job will be to help customers and answer their questions via online chat, phone support, or SMS texting.

Online Tutor or Teacher

Online instructors are always in demand. There are a lot of online learning platforms with part-time remote jobs that allow teaching students via online face-to-face tutoring. You don’t need any credentials to share your knowledge in topics you are passionate about. Besides, such platforms as Udemy allow anyone to create their own lessons and set their own prices.

Content Writer/Blogger

If you love writing and have strong storytelling skills, it can be a great first option, and you can make a successful career in this field. Businesses and marketing agencies need writers to write content for landing pages, blog posts, social media platforms, emails, product descriptions, newsletters, and advertising. If you learn effective SEO techniques and create a powerful portfolio, you can make good money working from home.

You can also make your website, get WordPress hosting, and start your own blog to write about things you are passionate about. But keep in mind that you’ll need to work hard to build a personal brand and establish yourself as an authority in the chosen niche to generate money from your blog. And of course, it’s important to find a profitable niche.

Full-Time Work from Home Jobs: Where to Find the Best Options

We have discussed different work at home part-time jobs. But due to the need to cut costs and keep overhead low, businesses of all sizes offer full-time work from home jobs.

Even companies listed on the Fortune 500 offer a wide array of remote jobs from entry-level gigs that can be good options if you are searching for part-time work from home to full-time positions that require advanced degrees, high skills, and extensive experience. For example, such companies as Amazon, iSoftStone, Xerox, Salesforce, American Express, Microsoft, Google, Dell, Aetna, and others offer part-time work from home jobs and remote jobs on a full-time basis.

Current positions that you can find online include customer service, sales, advertising, accounting, banking and finance, IT, business development, inventory management, SEO, social media and email marketing, real estate, cloud contact centers, web design and web development, graphic design, software development, testing, data security, data science, machine learning, translation and localization, legal services, etc. There are also different positions for health care professionals.

Professional Video Editor

Video content is very popular, and it is even considered the future of content marketing. Video editors are in demand because most people can edit only simple videos and need a pro to create an amazing film.

And the great thing about editing is that video editors can work from anywhere if they have the right tools. So you need to master advanced video editing software of your choice, get certified, and do your best to become an expert at it.

Web Developer

Web development is an attractive career for many people because they can complete their projects from home, and you don’t necessarily need a specific degree. You will need expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and APIs. The demand for skilled web developers is constantly growing, so whether you become a front-end web developer or a back-end web developer, you are sure to find job opportunities that allow remote work.

Digital Marketer

If you a creative person with strong analytic skills, you can use them to help businesses increase their online presence and expand their reach. To succeed in this field, you’ll need to master SEO and content marketing, PPC advertising, and Google Analytics. These skills are essential for all digital marketers.

Create Online Courses

If you are an expert in something and prefer a flexible schedule, you may create an online course to teach other people and earn money this way. Besides, you can become an online coach in such areas as wellness, business, career, career, and more.  If you like this idea, check out the article that compares two popular platforms for making courses online Teachable vs Thinkific.


Online home jobs are available for a variety of career fields. But if you have minimal experience, your only opportunity may be working as an independent contractor and maybe choose from easy part-time jobs. Still, we all need to start somewhere to get work experience, so an entry-level work from home job can be a good idea.

But you should remember that you’ll have to compete with a lot of candidates from across the country, so it’s crucial to constantly improve your skills and learn something new to become an ideal candidate. Then you’ll increase your chances to find a remote position that will allow you to say, “Now this looks like a job for me.”

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